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Deciphering Blockchain and building sustainable and robust custom solutions
Blockchain application development is gaining traction across several industries. Coffee Tech Solutions experts help you while you decide to leverage the Blockchain technology. We discuss and build roadmaps for a successful Blockchain journey. Our Blockchain application development and testing services follow the below procedures to deliver a majestic experience.
1) Understand need, devise the roadmap
2) Identify the technology stack that will befit the requirement
3) Work on wireframes and prototypes.
4) Create an eye-catchy UI
5) Build secured and robust applications- Entire development stack, right from UI designs to deploying nods.
6) Beta testing, audits and deployment

A masterpiece is built only if it is strategically and thoughtfully designed and devised. Our Blockchain advisory and consulting services are aimed at providing clients with appropriate decentralized apps and blockchain architecture that will meet their business goals. Using appropriate use cases, we then further get onto designing the prototypes.

Leveraging our depth of expertise over blockchain frameworks, we collaborate with enterprises to design and architect custom blockchain solutions. We engage the stakeholders to get a complete low-down on the existing systems and derive solutions which are robust and ultra-secure.

Enterprises enjoy the below listed benefits:

  • Reduced cost/time for transactions
  • Improves product and security of the entire system
  • Increases transparency and tracks fraudulent activity.
  • Improves customer loyalty

Blockchain frameworks on which we work:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, R3, Corda, Exonum, Fabric


Blockchain technology is mostly about distributed databases. Integrating them with the application requires expertise, precision and in-depth understanding of the intricate dimensions. As your blockchain development partner, we provide 2 types of integration services-
1) Integrate the application with the cloud
2) Integrate the existing legacy systems with the new blockchain architecture and use accelerators, to expedite connecting and reconciling with the existing infrastructure.

We follow the best suite of testing approaches that include several paths. Depending on the blockchain application and the platform, we choose a mixed toolset to conduct testing, with a focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Blockchain Testing Frameworks: Ethereum Tester, BitconJ, Populus, Truffle, Embark, Hyperledger Composer
Standard Testing: Functional Tests, Security Tests, Integration Tests, Contract Tests, Performance Tests, Peer and node tests




    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Hyperledger


    • Multichain
    • Fabric
    • Sawtooth


    • Corda
    • Parity
    • Exonum