Smart City Solutions

Coffe Tech SMART CITY Solutions

It is a solution which allows centralised management of all city services.                                    

  • Improve the quality of life of the citizensand sustainability.
  • Increase efficiency Facilitates city management and governance
  • Work with an open and interoperable platform by involving all the agents in the city: Hospitals, Schools, Transports, IT Departments, etc.


Services we provide

Integrated and intelligent data analysis

Enhanced Operations management

Real-time alerts

Efficient system tracking

Bi-directional interaction with citizens

City-wide dashboards for reporting, trending and pattern analysis

A growing adoption and awareness of the smart city concept by an expanding set of government leaders. Information from IoT (drones, wearables, connected devices), social media, crowdsourcing and sharing economy companies will have a greater impact on cities. Smart cities also mean better protection against natural disasters.

Smart cities is a very hot topic today and it’s continuing to gain popularity. In short – the goal is to create a platform that will be the ecosystem for data management and connectivity, used for launching a variety of integrated services that will be coordinated by the city government and city partners. Applications are almost limitless, with main focus on such areas as infrastructure, governance, safety, economy, “people services” (for citizens and visitors) and environment, with each of these further segmented into relevant “target sections”.

Many cities today already have public Wi-Fi networks deployed and such public Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the main building blocks of any Smart City ecosystem. Wi-Fi has already evolved to support a wide variety of city applications and large number of services, including specialized municipal applications, such as traffic management, surveillance and smart buildings. Wi-Fi in Smart Cities will have to be closely integrated with other technologies, such as LPWA (low power wide access) technologies and various personal area network applications.


Water utilities are under pressure from growing demand, water stress, increasing power costs and aging water systems. The growing demand is due to increase in population, rural to urban migration and industrial activities, and to overcome these challenges smart city technologies have been identified as a measure to optimise the management of urban resources including water and energy.

Smart cities encompass six important sectors that need to work in unison to achieve a common goal of making a city more liveable, sustainable and efficient for its residents. These sectors are smart energy, smart integration, smart public services, smart mobility, smart buildings, and Smart Water.

We believe that this will improve the efficiency of water distribution, water network management, geographical information system, water payment network, MIS & data analytics for efficient billing management and improved customer service and enablement.

Residents can expect clean drinking water supply with a planned supply, unified portal to access services with a personalised profile-based mobile app which will act as one-stop app and gateway to enable two-way citizen engagement.

The water supply sector is confronted by changing drivers in the sustainable management of urban water. Recovering costs, monitoring non-revenue water, timely supply of water in terms of quality and quantity and meeting customer demands for equity in billing in the face of rising water prices are some of the major challenges.

The challenge to achieve sustainable urban water management has become a goal of strategic planning for water utilities. In this regard, intelligent water metering offers the potential to transform urban water management as it enables the determination, in real-time or near real-time, of water consumption, and provides the possibility to read consumption both locally and remotely.

The SCADA solution makes it possible to integrate into a single system all the operating, analysis and management requirements of all the developer’s wind farm portfolio, regardless of global location or technology.This scalable, robust, modular standards-based architecture makes it possible to adapt the system to ongoing customer requirements, thereby guaranteeing the investment made.

SCADA systems are crucial for industrial organizations since they help to maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime.

Control industrial processes locally or at remote locations.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Monitor, gather, and process real-time data. Directly interact with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, and more through human-machine interface (HMI) software.Record events into a log file.


Web-Based SCADA Visualization

Connects to real-time and historical data through firewalls and integrates with standard Internet browser technology.

One Development Tool for Multiple Targets

Single-development tool for workstations, servers, Pocket PCs, mobile devices, Web and Terminal servers. Runs on any Microsoft® platform

OPC-To-The-Core TM Technology

Whether you need OPC Data Bridging, OPC Aggregation, OPC Redundancy or OPC Tunneling, GENESIS32 is the clear choice.

Multimedia OPC Alarming and Alert Notification

Schedule and deliver alarms using Voice over IP, phones, E-mail, pagers, fax, text-to-speech, voice systems, Skype, And on and marquees.

OPC, SNMP, BAC net and Database Connectivity

You’re a click away from your data. Integrate with standards like OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC HDA, OPC Unified Architecture, SNMP and BAC net

Integrated Recipe Management

Provides centralized management of commonly used expressions and recipes.

International Language Switching and Global Aliasing

Easily deploy machine applications globally. Create reusable graphics, symbols, trends and alarm applications with powerful Global Aliasing.

Calendar-based Scheduling for Building Controls

ScheduleWorX32 creates sequences of automatically executed commands based on chronological patterns, useful in discrete, process (batch) and building automation applications.

Powerful Data-Mining Technology

Open data-mining technology connects to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SAP, Plant Historians, ICONICS BizViz, or any ODBC-compliant data source.

Visual Control Replay Traceability Playback

Analyze, replay and animate graphical, historical, and alarm data from historical databases.

Farm Management Solutions offers your business the tools, experience, and the success for your business by pooling the resources of many of agricultural growers, agricultural organizations, and agricultural associations. Farm Management Solutions is a business oriented and driven organization. We are not an agricultural educational organization, at least for the moment. FMS is the first and the only company in India with this concept. FMS wants to take care of all the farmer’s needs on both the business and personal level. Our current list of services will continue to grow as our membership grows. There will be almost no limitation for what we can offer our members as long as it makes sense. Membership with FMS would include:


Multi-location, multi-crop software platform which keeps track of farmer info with unique id

Complete control over single digital platform for entire process management

Farm to Fork Traceability

Geographic Information System

The Tech Solution GIS provides real time information to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Heat Maps help stakeholders to understand, analyze and visualize production areas to manage fields more efficiently.

Achieving water conservation.

Geo-mapping and Crop Scouting solutions.

Global concerns such as climate protection, preserving biodiversity, protecting forests and combating desertification are a challenge to the community of nations. The Tech Solution supports processes for developing the international environmental regime, and advises its partners in implementing this.

In anchor countries and emerging nations, The Tech Solution disseminates concepts for resource efficiency and recycling. It assists developing countries in decentralising management of natural resources, to ensure greater efficiency and closer orientation to local needs.




We develop custom solutions for predictive modeling, database management, and web application development in the area of climate change resilience

Including analysis of extreme weather events, erosion mitigation, agricultural conservation practices, and resilience of transportation infrastructure to flooding.

Our tools help stakeholders make decisions related to climate change based on the best available models and data. We connect clients to rich data through accessible, interactive, user friendly web applications.

Conserving natural resources is a basic requirement for sustainable development and improving the quality of human life. To reverse the trend towards resource degradation, we need to give greater priority to ecological principles.

The  Technology Solution assists its partners in identifying the wide range of causes of environmental risks. It helps modernise environmental policy at all levels, advises on regional environmental cooperation and develops strategies to embed environmental protection in other areas of policy.

With our experience in a wide range of countries, our technical competence, experience in moderation and methodologies, know-how on organisational development, environmental communication and conflict management, we are a partner you can count on.

The Tech Solution is an industry leader in providing custom software solutions that address geospatial information needs. Our solutions are created using industry standard development platforms, and they integrate state-of-the-art data access and analysis applications. These services integrate database, software, and technology development & implementation with a focus on providing robust, turnkey solutions for our clients.

The link between custom spatial database models and software architecture is at the heart of our geospatial systems. Understanding this link reflects on our rich history in the geospatial industry and our experience in migrating geospatial information into mainstream IT business activities.

The Tech Solution offers services that address a system’s complete life cycle or individual life cycle components as required. Our experience with developing and implementing GIS systems provides an ideal complement for IT groups that specialize in large scale, enterprise implementations. Our ability to bridge gaps between spatial database design and GIS software development is necessary to properly integrate industry IT approaches with geospatial data processing requirements. In addition, we can provide support services for large-scale on-site implementations, outsourcing, and project-based implementations.

Our team’s comprehensive experience with software development and GIS systems provide the necessary background needed to discern how a GIS software products and services can positively impact the business requirements of an organization. This understanding enables TheTech Solution to place geospatial information systems and resources in their appropriate context with respect to the goals and objectives of the client’s organization.

The  Tech Solution aerial mapping and imagery analysis Products and Services are effective tools for many agricultural and livestock applications, allowing farms and ranches to manage operations more efficiently.

Using the correct acquisition platform (Mobile, or Ground-Based), paired with the appropriate sensor technology for the project area and mission (Ortho, Oblique, LiDAR, Multispectral), The Tech Solution is a complete geospatial services solution provider for agricultural industry mapping applications.


Relying on industry standard GIS platforms, such as ESRI’s ArcGIS and ERDAS’ Imagine, the tech  Solution has developed substantial experience in integrating analysis and modeling programs with GIS platforms based on formally defined user needs and functional requirements.

Much of this integration supports environmental assessments, resource analysis and scientific modeling activities. The Tech Solution Solutions specializes in developing market-specific analysis applications that adhere to each client’s terminology and classification requirements.